Acai Berry Side Effects: What You Have to Consider

Acai Berry Side Effects

An admiration about how great acai berry is as supplement should be balanced by the knowledge about acai berry side effects. Until now, there are so many people who already found out that this fruit contains a lot of natural substances so that finally it is made as a supplement which is now consumed by more and more people in all over the world. From so many good substances that can be found inside this berry, antioxidant is the excellent one. No matter how great the fruit is, the side effects that can possibly create are other that must not just be ignored. Here is some information about that will add you more knowledge about the fruit which is considered as a miracle fruit.

Allergic Reactions Resulted from Acai Berry Side Effects  Consumption

acai berry side effects Acai Berry Side Effects: What You Have to Consider

acai berry side effects

If you are interested in consuming acai berry because it is a natural thing that contained some benefits, which are said to be so great by many people, it seems to be much better for you to consult your doctor first about it. The reason is because there is one from all acai berry side effects which might be bad or even harmful for you. The side effect meant here is known more as allergic reactions. It is a fact which is not known by so many people that actually this miracle fruit can create some allergic reactions. The reactions are even worse to those who have a hypersensitivity to some fruits which can be said to be quite similar to acai. When the reactions occur, there are some symptoms that those people will feel. For example, they will get itchy sensation in some parts of their body which sometimes even ends with rash. Other than that, their eyes will be watery too. In some cases, more severe reactions can be felt too, such as breathing difficulty, dizziness, vomiting, and some others.

Acai Berry Side Effects and IBS

People who suffer from IBS, which are nothing else but Irritable Bowel Syndrome is not really suggested to consume acai berry. Even if this fruit contains a quite good deal of antioxidant, it may cause the increasing of bowel activities. Because of that, for people with IBS this fruit might not increase the level of health but decrease it instead. Based on these acai berry side effects, it is so reasonable that the fruit cannot really be taken randomly and it is also very reasonable that doctor consultation is needed before the regular intake of acai berry is decided.

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Acai Berry Side Effects

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